Facebook account Hacking insights about the serious offense

Hacking Facebook accounts are possible by using Spy software and there are also few websites that have custom coded scripts to hack facebook account password. This software can track everything a person does online, and hackers are able to obtain their passwords. Iphone software is also available to hack a person’s account. Phishing is another way a hacker can access a person’s Facebook page. Phishing occurs when someone is tricked into entering their information into a fake Facebook login page.

The hacking of Facebook accounts is a serious offense. Hacker’s can take people’s information to use at their own disposal. They can ruin people’s reputation and destroy their credibility with how they use their identity. Hackers can use people’s identity to reach out to people on Facebook who are desperate and lonely for attention and get whatever they want from them through the manipulation of words. Another reason someone would hack Facebook accounts are is to find out where someone lives, steal from them, or kill them.

Hacking Facebook accounts happens all the time, so people should really think about the personal information they are putting out there for the cyber world to see.

Watch the clip below to stay safe on facebook

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