Spend about a month to update all your walls to degree 7. This way an attacking 12-Wall Breaker military is reduced to a-6- since they are going to want a wall to break, Wall Breaker military.

Your likelihood of reaching 2600 increase. Along with canon, an additional Archer Tower and X bow, you get 2 Inferno Towers. It’s possible for you to set these up to a target solitary or multiple (up to 5) targets. It’s best these in the middle of your foundation and keep them on a single target. You will likely be able to manage big groups of level 1 units, but at this level it is the Golems and level 10 Archer Queens and Barbarian Kings which you have to be worried about.

One of the other problems players face while playing coc is waiting time to upgrade their character , constructions and forces. Free clash of clans gems hack can be of great help to speed the process of up-gradation faster.